The Pagoda BBQ Pavillion

La Gorce Palace Condominium offers the luxury of a magnificent, fully equipped Pagoda BBQ Pavillion area. The Pavillion features a bar countertop, an oversized gas grill, a refrigerator, storage areas, and generous spaces to dine, entertain, and relax. This area is eco-friendly, featuring turtle lights to protect nature, evidencing the property’s commitment to social responsibility and safe/healthy community living, The Pagoda/BBQ area is available to be reserved for special occasions, offering picnic tables, and much more. This makes it the ideal location to enjoy the pleasures of the outdoors, in good company, while breathing in the natural soothing breezes from the ocean.

As part of the amenities offered by La Gorce Palace Condominium Association, there is a barbecue installed in the patio adjacent to the beach. This is a common element for the use of La Gorce Palace residents only.

The following conditions apply to use of the barbecue:

1. The use of the barbecue is by reservation only, on first- come first-served basis.The person who reserves the barbecue then has the exclusive right to use the barbecue and the adjacent tables and surrounding area during the term of the reservation.
2. Reservations only become official when deposits have been paid in the office and entered in the reservation book.
3. Due to parking, staffing and security constrictions, the barbecue cannot be reserved on the same day as the social room. There are no exceptions. (If the barbecue is reserved first, then the social room will not be available for rent that day.)